Inspirational Conference

The Triumph of Human Spirit over Adversity. Resilience

"An inspirational story of survival"

It is about the Andes Survivors of 1972. Roberto Canessa is one of the 16 young men who made it alive out of the Andes mountains, he is one of two young men that walked out of the Cordillera to seek help after 72 days of being forgotten by the civilized world after the plane that was carrying their rugby team crashed into the Andes mountains. Many things can be said about theories of Group Organization, but what they went through is REAL, it happened in real life. They are common people like everyone who, facing terrible situations, achieved extraordinary goals as a result of working as a team. And as always, God played his part. The conference begins with a 20 minute DVD video presentation so that the audience learns and remembers the facts about the Andes and how the group got organized to endure the plane crash itself, the rescue search efforts to be called off, the lack of water, the decision about our food which was largely discussed, the terrible avalanche and the ten days walk out. This is to connect the audience with the ordeal. This first part is followed by a testimonial narration of the teamwork that was displayed in order to survive during 72 days. This narration portrays how the survivors, being normal people facing terrible circumstances achieved incredible results. "The potential that we all have is rarely fully used and although the helicopters rescued our teammates, at the same time I learned that I had to go walking to tell them where we were."

  • "Thirty-six years ago my life changed in five minutes. From being upset because we had lost a day of our rugby trip to Chile, to finding ourselves in a plane wreckage in the middle of the Andes."

  • "Around me, everything was a nightmare"

  • "It was very hard for me to understand that I was living in a different World, terribly desolated. The only thing I had left was myself and all I had to gain was the help I could provide to others. I assisted all those who my strength allowed me to, but this wasn't enough. Next day the same, and thereafter for two long months. My consolation were those that remained alive and to know I was not fighting alone."

  • "Not knowing where we were, whether in Argentina or Chile with the uncertainty to know where to escape. In the end, two of us walked out, and what seemed impossible, what we had dreamed and begged for day after day, became true"

  • "I was certain that I would not be part of failure. I only asked God not to make it impossible, that I would do the rest, even I felt useless each small step I took to walk across The Andes, I also knew it was the best I could do"

  • "Using de dead as food did not take us out of the mountain. It only allowed us to "buy time". After the decision to do this was taken, we were still in the very same place. It was like a spare wheel on a car, just to go on in the walk of life"

  • "When we heard in a small radio receiver that the search had been called off, that the civilized world thought we were all dead, I realized that our only chance of living we had, was to get out walking"

The last chapter is for interaction and questions with the audience sharing the fact that everyone in life has its own mountain to climb. This motivational Conference was given in Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, Sloan School of Management, Wharton School of Business University of Pennsylvania. Also for Incompany Training the conference was dictated for Johnson and Johnson, HSBC, Kimberly Clark, Coca Cola, Pepsico, Oracle, General Motors, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Abbot, Astra Zeneca, Banamex, Citibank, Britannia Building Society and many other leading companies. All high performance working groups are different and also the needs change with time and circumstances, so that every conference has to be tailored according to the issues that should be worked on. For example, innovation, new paradigms, resilience, leadership, interaction and others. The total time is 1 1/2 hours, but can be adjusted as needed. The Conference can be offered in both English or Spanish languages.



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  • 24 Feb. 2005

"Plane Crash Survivor Stuns Crowd With Tale. Students Packed into Boylston Hall yesterday to hear the miraculous survival story of plane crash..."


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"Plane Crash Survivor Stuns Crowd With Tale. Students Packed into Boylston Hall yesterday to hear the miraculous survival story of plane crash..."


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